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“When you are alone photographing, observing your surroundings,

You begin to feel the uniqueness and the elements that make up the life of that place.”

Passion for photography has always been deep down. I have worked in the industry in a range of capacities for the past 15 years. From commercial to personal, my work has always circled back to landscapes, and my photographs allow others to see the world from new perspectives.


To take a photo you need to find order in the chaos and make it work in a rectangular space. The sense and feeling of the weight of air in a picture is the most important aspect. The rightness of an image is created by the dark tones, the space that makes the eye wander across the image, searching the depths for hidden meaning.


Experience has taught me to make the most of every single photo that I take—an ideal that I maintain to this day. To capture the right image, sometime you have to wait for it. There is a lack of good quality, truly Australian images available for purchase online. Identifying this gap, we knew that we were able to help. Melbourne Images focuses on just that—images from suburbs around Melbourne—both the iconic ones and those less well known.


When you are alone photographing, observing your surroundings, you begin to feel the uniqueness and the elements that make up the life of that place—whatever it is that makes that place different from any other place. For Melbourne, this element is the light. We aren’t photographing the building or the landscape, instead, we are photographing the light.


You are able to search for images specific to your suburb, as well as images from around Melbourne. If the essence of your suburb has not yet been captured, simply let us know on the Contact Us page. Images are available for purchase as a file (via email) or printed on canvas or framed (please refer to the page of your images for sizing and costs).

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